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You don't want to make her upset that she's not doing her job, do you?

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I don't have the fire-insurance to deal with a scared Ryoko!

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Grammar Errors

This is Lucretia.  Lucretia speaks an unknown but large number of languages and loves reading pretty much more than anything.


Her grammar is almost uniformly poor in any language she speaks.

My original works go through members in my family who are corporate executives, newspaper editors and long time fans of sci-fi and fantasy work.  And that's after I go through it.

All of us would be terribly embarrassed if SHE were to catch a grammar error first, so if you see one we didn't, tell us and not her.

Art and Fanfiction

I welcome art and fanfiction based on my stories, but please share them with me when they're ready so I can include or link to them.

(I love character art, but producing it doesn't really come naturally to me)

I will be posting some character descriptions and guidelines in the forums as soon as I can.